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When you choose to work with an experienced independent insurance agency such as 01 Insurance, you have the luxury of enjoying low cost coverage customized to meet your exclusive needs. We understand how confusing insurance may seem, but our experienced team of professionals will ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck for all of your auto insurance Astoria New York needs!

Liability Auto Insurance

As required by law in most states, liability insurance provides you with legal liability protection. Accidents are often unavoidable, which is why liability insurance is mandatory. Each state has a unique requirement for the minimum amount of liability insurance a motorist can hold, but it is always recommended to go beyond the minimum required.

Personal Injury Projection

Medical payments coverage, also known as personal injury protection coverage provides the driver and their passengers with medical care coverage after an accident.

Auto Insurance Quote

Auto Insurance Quote

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Collision coverage is not required by law, but is highly recommended if you want any damages your car endures to be covered by your policy. Collision coverage provides you with monetary protection against any damages caused by a collision with another vehicle or object.



Comprehensive coverage is not required by law in New York, but is highly recommended. This form of coverage will protect you in the event that your car is involved in an accident that does not involve another car. Comprehensive coverage kicks in when your car is damaged by a collision with an animal or object, or by fire, theft, vandalism, hail, or flood.

Auto Liability Insurance

Did You Know?

Liability insurance is coverage for property damage and bodily injury. This means that you will receive legal liability coverage up to the limits that you preselect. Law in most states requires this form of insurance. Contact 01 Insurance today for all of your auto insurance Astoria New York needs. At 01 Insurance, we encourage you to turn on to savings! We will go above and beyond to save you up to 30% on your auto insurance Astoria New York policy!

New York Online Defensive Driving Course

Take a New York Online Defensive Driving Course and get rewarded! By taking one of these courses you have the luxury of enjoying a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed 10 percent auto insurance discount
  • Reduces up to 4 points on your driving record
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