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Essential Coverages to Secure Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Landlords require tenants to purchase insurance as a way of protecting their investments. You may be a business owner looking to expand into a new office. As you’re aware, operating a business comes with many risks. Here’s a look at some key insurance policies to obtain before signing a commercial lease. Business Interruption Insurance More Read More

Unique Variables That Impact Commercial Auto Insurance Cost

One of the unique things about auto insurance policies is that multiple variables impact rates. This is something that business owners constantly keep an eye on. Fluctuating commercial auto insurance costs may harm your budget and reduce your ability to maximize profits. To help you stay ahead of potential premiums hikes, here’s a look at Read More

A Quick Look at Commercial Crime Insurance

A 2022 survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of fraud happens with help from an employee. Worse still, employee crime results in a loss of $357,650 on average annually. Also, about 22 percent of small businesses have suffered losses due to employee crime. Since it’s difficult to fully eliminate crimes perpetuated by employees, you should Read More

How to Find Motorcycle Insurance for an 18-year-old?

Motorcycles are popular assets. Thousands of people use their motorcycles to take summer vacations every year. You may be a young rider eager to experience a new adventure. It’s recommended that you assess multiple quotes while brainstorming motorcycle insurance for an 18-year-old. Here’s a guide to help your riders find motorcycle insurance. The Significance of Read More

Car Insurance Coverage: Does it Include Your Battery?

Car insurance is designed to cover you in emergency situations. Battery failure is a major emergency. Perhaps you are traveling out of town, and your battery malfunctions, leaving you stranded. Here is a closer look at how car insurance coverage may assist you if your battery needs to be replaced. Maintenance is Important It’s expected Read More

A 5-Point Guide to Insuring Your Motorcycle Accessories

Without your riding gear, baggage racks, radio, and GPS, a motorcycle ride is rarely complete. Installing these on your two-wheeler can be costly, and that’s why motorcycle accessories insurance is necessary. Here are five tips for properly insuring your motorbike accessories to avoid regrets down the road. Motorcycle Accessories: What Are They? Though each insurance Read More

How Does Asbestos Impacts Home Insurance Coverage?

Homeowners insurance protects your most valuable asset in emergency situations. The policy generally covers any interior and exterior damage to your home.  However, there are some potential exclusions. In most cases, asbestos is a common exclusion unless the pollutant spreads due to a covered loss. Here’s a closer look at how asbestos impacts homeowners insurance Read More