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A 5-Point Guide to Insuring Your Motorcycle Accessories

Without your riding gear, baggage racks, radio, and GPS, a motorcycle ride is rarely complete. Installing these on your two-wheeler can be costly, and that’s why motorcycle accessories insurance is necessary. Here are five tips for properly insuring your motorbike accessories to avoid regrets down the road. Motorcycle Accessories: What Are They? Though each insurance Read More

How Does Asbestos Impacts Home Insurance Coverage?

Homeowners insurance protects your most valuable asset in emergency situations. The policy generally covers any interior and exterior damage to your home.  However, there are some potential exclusions. In most cases, asbestos is a common exclusion unless the pollutant spreads due to a covered loss. Here’s a closer look at how asbestos impacts homeowners insurance Read More

6 Biggest Business Insurance Risks (and How to Mitigate Them)

Venturing into a business as an entrepreneur requires paying close attention to business insurance risks. Different industries face different risks, so you need to assess your field’s risks before launching a startup. Here are essential points to know about risks for your business and your insurer. What Is Insurance Risk? Business risk refers to any Read More

Does My Car Insurance Coverage Cover Car Seats?

To keep kids safe, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends parents replace car seats after a moderate or severe crash.  Generally, car insurance coverage pays for losses caused by an accident. Car seat claims, however, are often disputed. The following are some additional details that can help you understand when and how car Read More

Important Insights on New York State Auto Insurance Requirements

Auto insurance is mandatory in New York State. Driving without insurance could lead to penalties and license suspension. If you are a new car owner, you may have some questions about how much insurance coverage is required to drive legally in New York State. New York State’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirement All drivers in New Read More

General Liability for Rented Premises: An Overview

Coverage for damage to rented premises is part of a business owner’s general liability policy. It is designed to protect landlords if a property they rent to a business is damaged by fire or other unexpected peril. Most small business owners don’t even realize they have this type of insurance as part of their policy. Read More

Why Is Bundling Your Insurance Policies Beneficial?

Bundling your insurance policies is nothing new. It is a proven, cost-effective way to lower your insurance costs. Insurance carriers often encourage their customers to bundle their home, boat, auto, and motorcycle policies. There are several reasons that bundling is more efficient than dealing with multiple policies at one time. Many of them are common Read More

Important Tips To Consider Before Your Next Group Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle riding is a popular hobby. Thousands of people across the country experience new adventures through their motorcycles every year. However, operating a motorcycle exposes you to similar risks compared to if you were operating an automobile. Unique road conditions could impair your ability to handle your motorcycle. Riding over one small pothole or bump Read More