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What Freelancers Should Know About Insurance

Insurance questions that freelancers should ask their agents. Today, more and more professionals are breaking free from the corporate world to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of freelancing.  However, when people make this switch, they often overlook how it affects their need for business insurance in Queen’s County, New York.  To ensure that you have Read More

How to Handle Your Insurance During a Home Remodel

Tips for dealing with your homeowners insurance during a renovation project. While most homeowners don’t think about it, undertaking a remodeling project actually has major implications for their homeowners insurance in East Elmhurst, New York.  To ensure that you don’t compromise your coverage, here are some of the insurance steps to take during your home Read More

Common Types of Workplace Harassment

Watch out for these instances of employee harassment. The workplace should be a place of professionalism and mutual respect.  Unfortunately, many workplaces fall short of this standard, and business owners are left with major liability suits on their hands.  If you want to protect your employees’ rights and ensure that your business is as inclusive Read More

What’s the Difference Between Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Are these forms of commercial coverage different? As a business owner, you may have heard your insurance agent talk about professional liability and/or errors and omissions insurance.  However, you may not know what these policies are and what they cover.  Here’s what you need to know about these forms of business insurance in Woodside, New Read More

Why Some Business Contracts Include Insurance Requirements

Understanding contractual commercial insurance requirements. If you are a small business or independent contractor working with another company, then you will probably sign a contract that lays out your responsibilities and expectations.  One thing that many businesses and contractors are surprised to see is that their contract requires them to carry certain types of business Read More

Unexpected Benefits of Carrying the Right Homeowners Insurance

Did you know your homeowners insurance offered coverage for these perils? If you own a home, then you know you need the right homeowners insurance in Long Island City, New York.  In addition to dwelling, personal property, and personal liability insurance, you may be surprised to learn that your home policy also offers additional protections.  Read More

Why It’s Vital to Create a Positive Work Environment

The importance of creating a positive work environment. If you own a business, then you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your staff.  While this means having the right insurance protection and safety protocols, you also need to take steps to protect your employees’ mental health as well.  One way you can take Read More

Tips to Make This Valentine’s Day More Meaningful

How you can show your love this Valentine’s Day. With Valentine’s Day looming, you are probably wracking your brain for ways to surprise your significant other.  Fortunately, expressing your love doesn’t always have to be about flashy displays or extravagant gifts.  If you want a more meaningful way to show your love this Valentine’s Day, Read More