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Why Is Bundling Your Insurance Policies Beneficial?

Bundling your insurance policies is nothing new. It is a proven, cost-effective way to lower your insurance costs. Insurance carriers often encourage their customers to bundle their home, boat, auto, and motorcycle policies. There are several reasons that bundling is more efficient than dealing with multiple policies at one time. Many of them are common Read More

Is Working from Home Covered by Insurance?

Working from home is rewarding and more commonplace now than ever. With more and more companies expanding their digital networks, employees who are able to work from home are choosing to do so. It gives them more time with their families, and less time is wasted on gas and the time it takes to commute Read More

Exploring the Key Differences Between a Bond and Insurance Policy

Finding the right type of security for your venture can be stressful. You want to make sure that you are covered in different scenarios. Perhaps you have been researching different types of bonds and insurance policies. Many people become confused while researching the benefits of an insurance bond vs. insurance policies. The confusion/misunderstanding causes people Read More

Getting Bonded and Insured: Do You Require a Bond Insurance Coverage?

What Is the Exact Meaning of the Term “Bonded”? When you’re bonded, it means that you’ve purchased a bond in Astoria that guarantees compensation to your clients if your work doesn’t satisfy the contractual agreement. This type of insurance can also pay government agencies if contractors default on their contractual obligations. What Does “Being Insured” Read More

7 Common Insurance Mistakes That You Should Be Aware of

Insurance is essential because it provides both personal and financial security, and protects your assets if an accident occurs or an emergency situation arises. However, figuring out which types of policies will be the right fit for your situation can become complex. That’s why it’s easy for you to make mistakes that could cause problems Read More

6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Renewing Your Employees’ Insurance Policy

Renewing the insurance included in your employees’ benefits package is important and should be carefully considered. It allows you to keep it updated and as valuable as possible for your employees. You need to know what other options are available to you so that you can provide your employees with the quality of insurance they Read More

How Insurance Endorsements Benefit Businesses

Proper insurance coverage is critical for all businesses, but even more so for brick-and-mortar establishments that allow the public to visit the premises. One way to strengthen a policy is through insurance endorsements, which are riders attached to a policy for coverage adjustments. Purchasing optional coverage to increase protection is a form of endorsement. Here Read More

Understanding the Importance of Flood Insurance in NY State

Every homeowner has a pretty good idea of what flood insurance is. However, many think it’s included in their standard homeowners insurance policy when it’s not. You need to add it to your policy, especially if your area has a history of flooding. However, even if your area is not prone to flooding, it can Read More