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Can You Be Reimbursed for Food Spoiled During a Power Outage?

Hurricane Laura was an extreme disaster that led to excessive power outages, affecting thousands of Louisiana and Texas residents. Unfortunately, none of the electric utility companies in those regions had policies in place to reimburse customers for spoiled food. However, in some cases, higher home insurance rates cover this problem, depending on the policy. Spoiled Read More

How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Even During COVID-19

It’s already difficult for many people to manage holiday stress. Add the pandemic to the equation, and the 2020 holiday season presents many additional challenges. Here are some ideas on how you can manage stress around the holidays, even during the pandemic. Dealing with Financial Trouble One of the biggest worries around Christmas time for Read More

Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

In the pandemic era, many people have fallen into depression because they aren’t sure where they will live or work in the future. An important solution is to engage in physical and mental exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some useful ways to overcome negative feelings by practicing what’s known as mindfulness. The Read More

Easy Lifestyle Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System

The COVID-19 outbreak has made us all realize how crucial it is to have a strong immune system. Having a strong immune system is important to fight off diseases and infections. However, not paying attention to your lifestyle can suppress your immunity and increase your chance of contracting the virus. Here are some lifestyle tips Read More

4 Simple Ways to Help Small Business Owners Manage Their Mental Health

Over the last few months, almost every business has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertain work environment and downtime may impact the mental health of small business owners, and they need to take care of their mental health. Here are some mental health tips that can help small business owners develop a positive Read More

4 Simple Staycation Ideas for Your Family This Summer

Whether it’s a fun day at the beach or a comfortable vacation in the woods, the idea of a vacation is appealing to every family. However, a proper vacation can be expensive, and you may be concerned about traveling until the COVID- 19 outbreak subsides. In spite of the current events, you can always try Read More

3 Unique Tips to Stay Social While Social Distancing

Due to the current global pandemic, one of the things that people are struggling with is the idea of socializing during social distancing orders. According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines to reduce the spread of coronavirus, each person has to maintain a minimum distance of a meter (or three feet) while physically communicating or socializing. However, Read More

The Difference in Symptoms You Should Know for Cold, Flu, and Coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic, a simple cold or flu could be quite scary. The symptoms of cold and flu are similar to that of coronavirus, and hence, it is easy to be confused. By distinguishing the cold and flu symptoms, you may be able to determine whether you need to visit a hospital, require a coronavirus test, or Read More