Filing a Break-In/Theft Claim on Your Home Insurance

Filing a Break-In/Theft Claim on Your Home Insurance

Your home is your castle. The last thing you worry about is someone breaking into your home and stealing your possessions. If a break-in does occur, you will need to contact your insurance agent to file a claim against your homeowners’ policy. Understanding how the claims process works will ensure that all of the proper steps are taken and that your claim will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Theft Is On the Rise in the U.S.

In the United States, close to half of all burglaries occur during the day, with approximately $2,660 worth of property being taken during each robbery. In 2019, the FBI estimated that there was almost a 10% decrease in the number of break-ins compared to the previous year. The same report also stated there was close to a 49% drop in burglaries since 2010.

Break-In and Theft Coverage

Your homeowners’ insurance will normally cover both the theft of your lost possessions as well as damage caused by the act of breaking and entering. This means that your items will be replaced or repaired, and the damages to your home will also be repaired. This includes broken windows and damage to your doors and locks. Your policy limits will determine to what extent your home and possessions are covered.

Filing a Claim for Break-Ins and Theft

When filing a claim, you will need to take the following steps:

  • File a police report – File a police report immediately and try not to touch anything until the police have had a chance to investigate.

  • Make any emergency repairs that are required to secure your home – If your doors and locks are damaged, you will want to make sure they are repaired enough to secure your home. This will prevent further loss and keep your home from being damaged any further.

  • Document everything you can with photos of the damage – Take pictures of everything that has been damaged. You will also want to create a detailed list of all the items that were stolen. Turn this in with a copy of your original home inventory.

  • Meet with your insurance agent and file your claim – Once you have the police report and the photos to document your losses, contact your insurance agent and provide them with all of the details. They will help you fill out the paperwork and file your claim.

Filing a claim is much easier if you have a detailed written or videotaped inventory of your personal possessions. Make sure the inventory includes the date of purchase, make, model, and serial numbers of the items that were stolen.

Are Other Criminal Acts Covered?

Vandalism and arson are normally covered by your homeowners’ policy. All of these crimes may be prevented if you install a quality home security system. Having a home security system that uses smart devices can protect your home by sending alerts straight to your cell phone. The use of these advanced security systems has led to a continued decrease in the number of reported break-ins each year.

01 Insurance Can Help You With Your Home Insurance Needs!

Experiencing a break-in can be a traumatizing event. Contact our agents here at 01 Insurance as soon as possible. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a break-in. We can offer ideas on how you may be able to keep your home and property more secure.

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