Prepare Your Home For Winter With Maintenance & Insurance

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Maintenance & Insurance

How some DIY maintenance and Astoria, New York home insurance can prep your home for the coming seasons.

As summer winds down and the long, sunny days come to an end, we’re reminded of the inevitability of the changing seasons. While you might like the crisp fall air, it should also serve to turn your attention to the season that follows: winter. Are you ready for the colder temperatures?

To prepare your home for winter, use this guide to home maintenance and Astoria, New York home insurance.

  • De-Gunk Your Gutters. The colder temperatures will bring snow, which you’ll want to be able to easily melt and run off your roof in order to avoid ice dams. If your gutters are clogged, your roof can have some serious issues. Prevent an expensive problem this winter by taking the time to clean out your gutters and drainpipes today.
  • Help Your Heater. You’re planning to rely on your heater to keep you warm, so make sure it’s up to the job by giving it a little TLC. Check that none of your vents are blocked (this includes having furniture pushed over or against them), clean your air filters, and, if it’s been over a year since a professional inspected your HVAC system, have someone out.
  • Secure Your Seals. If the caulking around your windows and doors is in bad shape, it can let hot air out and cold air in! Avoid this by removing old, worn caulk and re-caulking the area.

With all of the work that you put into keeping your home in top shape, it would be devastating to learn after a disaster that your coverage was insufficient to fully restore it. To make sure your Astoria, New York home insurance policy reflects the work you put into your home, contact a team that will go to work for you by calling 01 Insurance today! We’re committed to making sure your New York coverage offers you the protection your home needs.