Learn More About Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Learn More About Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Make sure your teen drivers stay safe by having the right auto insurance protections in place.

Between all the driving practice, the exam, and the excitement of your teen finally getting their driver’s license, it can be easy to forget about auto insurance in Astoria, New York.  However, now that your teen is free to conquer the open road, it’s important that they have all the protections they need.  Here’s what you need to know about insuring your young driver.

Adding Your Teen to an Existing Policy

Generally, its easier and cheaper to simply add your teen to your own auto policy.  Adding another driver to your policy often gets you a discount on your rates and it’s usually cheaper to insure a car on a joint policy than it is to insure a car with its own separate policy.  Additionally, insuring your teen on your policy will ensure that they are covered when they drive your car and will cover you if you borrow theirs.

Getting Your Teen Their Own Policy

While most parents simply add their teen to their own policy, there are some situations in which it makes more sense for their young driver to have their own policy.  For instance, if you have a car that’s expensive to insure (sports car or luxury vehicle), then your teen will often need their own personal policy to have access to the cars currently on your plan.  Additionally, if your teen will be leaving the home soon or if you simply want to give them a taste of financial responsibility, then it might be worth it to let your teen have their own insurance plan.

These are the main options when it comes to getting car insurance for your teen driver.  Still have questions about your auto insurance in Astoria, New York?  Then don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at 01 Insurance.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.  Contact us to get started today.