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Understanding the Importance of Flood Insurance in NY State

Every homeowner has a pretty good idea of what flood insurance is. However, many think it’s included in their standard homeowners insurance policy when it’s not. You need to add it to your policy, especially if your area has a history of flooding. However, even if your area is not prone to flooding, it can Read More

How To: Determine Your Flood Risk

If your home is at risk of flooding, acquiring a flood insurance program in Astoria, NY provides protection. For homeowners and renters, securing a flood insurance should be a priority. From snow, rain, hail, the New York weather can be very adverse. Not only does the weather cause flooding, but the incidents of broken dams, Read More

Could Rising Waters Drain Your Account?

Getting Protection In The Face Of A Flood It is a common misconception that flood insurance is part of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Be aware that your existing home insurance policy will not protect you if this natural disaster strikes. If you live on a flood plain, getting flood insurance is a no brainer. Your Read More