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How Basement Flooding Impacts Home Insurance Policies

Basement flooding can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, causing significant damage to their property and creating costly repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not realize that basement flooding can also have a significant impact on their home insurance policies. In this blog, we will delve into the various ways that basement flooding can impact home insurance Read More

Filing a Home Insurance Theft Claim: The Process

A single burglary costs a homeowner an average of $2,661, according to the FBI. When you’re a break-in victim, consolation for the trauma and loss can come from successfully filing a home insurance theft claim. This is why you should understand the claim filing process if you’ve insured your property. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft Read More

Are Swimming Pools Covered in Home Insurance Policies?

As a homeowner, you likely have some amenities around the property that you use to relax. Maybe you’ve installed an outdoor deck for small gatherings with your friends and family. Perhaps you have recently installed a swimming pool, and are concerned about whether that may impact your home insurance. Here’s a closer look at home Read More

Home Insurance Coverage – Learn How Your Coverage Stacks Up

Review your home insurance coverage so that you can keep your home safe. Your homeowners insurance gives you the coverage that you need to protect your home from disaster. However, with such broad coverage, it’s important to understand the specifics of your policy. That way you’re able to identify coverage gaps and invest in the Read More

Protect Your Home with These Mold Prevention Tips and Home Insurance in Astoria

Keep your home secure with home insurance in Astoria and these mold prevention tips.   When it comes to keeping your home as safe and secure as possible, it’s important that you take the necessary measures. While most of us take steps to protect against natural disasters and home burglaries, many of us overlook measures Read More

It Pays to Have a Smart Home Security System – Check Out the Benefits of the Latest Technology

Get the right smart home security system to protect your home from danger. Improving your home’s safety is a priority. Home burglaries are a constant threat, and the latest in home security measures are a must, especially when it comes to smart alarm systems. With technology constantly advancing, a smart home security system can help Read More

Keep Your Home’s Plumbing in Great Shape with These Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

Use these frozen pipe prevention tips to prevent a plumbing disaster. As winter continues, temperatures are still sub-freezing. Keeping your home warm is important, but keeping your pipes from freezing is equally as important. Cold temperatures that cause the water in your pipes to freeze, melt, and re-freeze can be incredibly damaging to your home’s Read More

Beware of These Top Threats to Your Home and Keep it Safe with Home Insurance in Astoria

Keep your home safe from danger with home insurance in Astoria. Your home is a place where you feel safe. However, your home is vulnerable. From theft to natural disaster, there are a variety of threats to your home. Help keep your home safe from these threats with the right home insurance in Astoria. Check Read More