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Dog Breeds Deemed Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

Homes containing certain dog breeds have been declared uninsurable. Your beloved family dog may not seem like a huge risk to you. They don’t bite, they don’t jump up, and they are more caring than your elderly father. Unfortunately, some dog breeds are linked to aggressive behavior and are seen as a big risk when under Read More

Insuring Coastal Property In New York

The Process Of Insuring Your New York Coastal Property Lots of Americans dream of living by the water. Whether you want to live on the bluffs overlooking the tumultuous sea, are hoping to be able to paddle out from your property into a calm strait, or want to be able to put your toes in Read More

Could Rising Waters Drain Your Account?

Getting Protection In The Face Of A Flood It is a common misconception that flood insurance is part of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Be aware that your existing home insurance policy will not protect you if this natural disaster strikes. If you live on a flood plain, getting flood insurance is a no brainer. Your Read More