Unplug to Connect with Your Family and Friends

Unplug to Connect with Your Family and Friends

Ideas to help you connect with loved ones without the devices.

This is the digital age – everyone uses at least one device every minute of the day, from cell phones to laptops to music players. Amidst all the devices, we often forget the real people around us. We electronically reach out to someone miles away but forget to connect with family and friends around us.

Connecting By Unplugging

Spending quality time with your family and those around you is something we realize a little too late, only when we are alone and have no choice. We are glued to our phones and only pay attention to other things when the battery dies out.

To make the most of your time with the people around you, here are a few things you can try:

No Phones near the Table

Meals like lunch and dinner is when the family is most likely to assemble at the table. This is the best opportunity for all of you to have a friendly discussion about any common topic.

Keep a Schedule to Check Messages

Following this process will lessen your social media addiction. Set a fixed time interval to reply to all emails. Check your phone only at fixed times (say, once every two hours). Spend the rest of the time with those around you.

Detox from Social Media

This is important so that you don’t disturb your mental peace with too much information. If you are relaxed, you can be more available to your family.

Plan Movie or Game Nights

It is essential to plan things together, like watching a movie or indoor games so that you can reconnect with each other.

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