Enhance Productivity With These Smart Apps

Enhance Productivity With These Smart Apps

Download These Productivity Enhancing Apps!

Technological advancements continue to provide us with new conveniences each and every day. Nearly every single one of us depend on our smartphones to perform many of our daily tasks. Are you fully taking advantage of the many useful phone apps that are out there to enhance productivity and convenience? Take advantage of the digital world and consider these great apps to download:

  • Paper Karma

    • In today’s growingly green world, it is tragic to see how much paper goes to waste due to junk mail. Paper Karma has a solution for all of you with a green thumb! With this phone app, all you have to do is take a photo of any mail that you no longer want to receive and this app will automatically take you off of their mailing list. The only catch is the mail must be directly addressed to you.
  • Any. Do 

    • Rather than wasting paper and running the risk of losing your chores list, you can organize your to-do list with this simple to use app that enhances productivity. You will never forget to complete a chore again!
  • Venmo

    • If you are not utilizing Venmo you are making sharing dinner with your friends more much difficult! This app allows you to share payments for free and automatically deposits money into your back account. Splitting the check will never be daunting again!
  • Out of Milk

    • Do you find yourself always forgetting something from the grocery store? With Out of Milk, you can organize your grocery list based on category so that you can get all of your dairy items the first time you travel down the aisle.
  • Mint

    • Organizing your finances has never been easier! This app even tells you your credit score! Sync all of your bank accounts to mint and the app will help you budget your savings and spending.

We hope downloading these smart apps allow you to experience productivity at its finest! Contact 01 Insurance in Astoria for all of your New York insurance needs.