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As a business owner, it is imperative that you obtain commercial property insurance in Astoria, NY, to protect your most significant investment from emergencies that threaten to damage or destroy your business property. This form of insurance provides you with coverage against property damages caused by common perils such as fire, flooding, storms, and vandalism.

A Guide to Commercial Property Insurance in Astoria, NY

Depending on your business’ exclusive needs, you will need to determine whether you want all-risk or peril-specific coverage. This determines which types of perils you are covered for under your commercial property insurance policy. Additionally, you will need to choose between replacement cost reimbursement and actual depreciated cash value coverage. This will determine whether or not the depreciation of an item or structure is calculated before you are reimbursed for any damages.

Additional options under a  business insurance policy include:

  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Reimbursement for Business Income
  • Money and Securities Coverage

A disaster can strike at any given moment, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding your business to the fullest with a commercial property insurance policy in Astoria, NY.

Building Insurance Quote

Building Insurance Quote

Building Owners Checklist

Commercial Property Insurance – A Checklist for Building Owners

As a business owner, creating a checklist of essential coverage options can significantly ease the insurance shopping process. Additionally, this will allow you to confirm that your biggest investment is covered to the fullest. While the exact checklist needed will vary from business to business, below is a standard checklist of essential coverage options for a commercial property insurance policy:

  • Physical Structure Coverage
  • Coverage for Business Equipment
  • Flood Insurance
  • Data Protection
  • Coverage for Intangibles
  • Off-Premises Insurance Protection

By utilizing this checklist and others like it for insurance shopping, you can secure the absolute best coverage that meets the unique needs of your company.

Building Owners

Property Insurance for Multi-Family Building Owners

As the owner of a multi-family rental property, you must hold the necessary insurance protection to safeguard your investment. Despite popular belief, the standard commercial property insurance policy will not suffice in providing a rental property of this magnitude with protection. With the right insurance policies in place, you can rest assured that your property and the rental income it generates will be protected from a variety of common perils.

By working hand in hand with us, you can rest assured that your business will be protected should a loss occur. We will go above and beyond to customize a commercial property insurance policy that maximizes security for your multi-family rental building.

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