Homeowners Insurance in Astoria, New York

Whether you own or rent a home, homeowners insurance will provide you with the confidence necessary to feel at ease about the uncertain. No matter what peril comes your way, you will be covered. As always, we will be by your side each step of the way.

What Is Home Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance in Astoria, NY, provides you with protection in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. Additionally, this policy will provide your possessions with coverage along with providing you with compensation for liability claims, medical expenses, any other expenses that result from personal injury and property damage.

In order to receive coverage, you must satisfy the terms of your agreement by paying a monthly premium. Homeowners’ insurance will not help you predict the arrival of a storm, but it will allow you to sleep better at night knowing you are protected.

Why Do You Need Homeowners Insurance in Astoria?

Whether or not your mortgage lender requires that you obtain homeowners’ insurance to finalize your home purchase in Astoria, New York, it would be best if you had home insurance. This vital safeguard allows you to protect the solid financial foundation you have spent years building. Rather than letting all of your hard work go down the drain, you must protect yourself, your home, and your family from the uncertain and obtain homeowners insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance Quote

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What Do You Need to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners’ insurance goes beyond just protecting the owner of the home. In most cases, this vital safeguard will protect anyone named on the policy, your spouse, any residents of the home other than renters, household employees, visitors, and guests.

Additionally, the property insurance portion of your policy goes beyond just protecting your actual home or dwelling. Typically, you will receive reimbursement for damage or theft affecting your dwelling, structures attached to your dwelling, structures not attached to your dwelling, personal property, loss of use of your dwelling after a disaster, and liability if an injury-related accident occurs on your property.

Conditions, expenses, and damages that are specifically excluded from coverage in the standard homeowners’ insurance policy include but are not limited to:

  • Flood Damage
  • Damage related to business activities within the home
  • Damage to the land underneath your home
  • Earthquake damage
  • Claims that exceed your maximum stated coverage amount
  • Liability concerns with a tenant residing in your home
  • Claims caused by someone else who is insured under your party
  • Claims that are already covered by another pre-existing insurance policy

In order to receive protection against losses such as these, you must add endorsements to your home insurance policy or purchase exclusive policies altogether.

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How Do I Get A Policy?

In most cases, a homeowners’ insurance policy is written individually at the time of a home purchase. However, this does not signify the only time in which homeowners’ insurance can be purchased or altered. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are ready to update your homeowners’ insurance coverage.

Contact 01 Insurance today for all of your homeowners’ insurance needs in Astoria, NY. We will go above and beyond to secure you the best possible customized insurance policy based on your exclusive needs. At 01 Insurance, we encourage you to turn on to savings!