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Protect the things that matter most with the right homeowners insurance in Sunnyside, NY.
Your home is far more than just a place to rest your head at night. Your home is where you put down roots, started a family, and where you intend to spend your future. Additionally, if you are like many other Americans, then your home also represents years of careful planning and saving. With everything that your home means to you, it’s important that you do everything in your power to keep it safe. Not sure how to safeguard your home from all the risks that it faces? Well, securing the right homeowners insurance is an excellent place to start. Here’s what home coverage from 01 Insurance can do for you.

Available Coverage

There are several important coverages included in a standard homeowners insurance policy. You will receive the following protections:

  • Property Coverage : If your home sustains physical damages as a result of a covered peril, then your homeowners insurance will offer coverage for your home’s repairs. This coverage commonly addresses the damages caused by break-ins, vandalism, fires, storm damage, and so on.
  • Personal Property Coverage : Your personal belongings are also covered under your homeowners insurance. You will receive compensation to repair or replace damaged or stolen possessions up to your policy’s coverage limits.
  • Personal Liability Coverage : Your policy also offers personal liability coverage for every member of your household. This coverage will address third-party injuries, damages, or other losses that a member of your household might be held responsible for.
  • Loss of Use Coverage : If your home sustains damages that make it temporarily uninhabitable, then your homeowners insurance will provide coverage that allows you and your family members to secure alternative accommodations while your home undergoes the necessary repairs.
Service You Can Trust

We at 01 Insurance understand everything that your home means to you. This is why we have made it our priority to offer our clients comprehensive home coverage options at varying price points. When you partner with us, we go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the right comprehensive insurance solutions to meet your unique needs. With our experience, industry knowledge, and continued support on your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have a partner you can trust.

For assistance with your home insurance in Sunnyside, NY, contact the experts at 01 Insurance. Our dedicated team is ready to get you the coverage you need today.

Carriers & Testimonials

  • My family and I have relied on the services of Community Brokerage for a strong and continuous 30 years.   Community Brokerage has always been able to advise and provide me with proper coverage on all my insurance needs.  Working with all the employees at Community Brokerage has always been a pleasant, professional and satisfying process!

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    Stephanie L.
  • I have been an insured with 01 Insurance for over 30 years, and needless to say I have been extremely satisfied. The people have always been courteous, responsive, and very professional and caring.

    Nicholas Kordas, Esq.
  • I have always been able to rely on Judith to advise and properly cover all of my insurance needs. She goes out of her way to even remind me when a payment is due so I don’t incur a late fee.

    Bruce Soffer
  • Working with Community Brokerage is always a great experience. Their professionalism and in depth knowledge of Property insurance gives my buyers the best and most cost effective solution for their new home insurance policies.

    John S. Lagoudis, MBA
  • Judy has been handling my business and personal accounts for almost 25 years. It is not only a pleasure dealing with her, it is an incredible feeling knowing she always has my back.

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    Jaime M. Steiner
  • For many years now Judy Zimmerman has been an immediate source of insurance advice.  She is never too busy to answer my questions, and guide me when my personal needs justified changes.

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    Joan Cohen