Canadian Wildfire Smoke Blankets US Cities: Health Hazards and Affected Landmarks

Smoke from Canada wildfires reaches US cities:  Smoke from Canadian wildfires has covered northeastern US and parts of North America, turning the sky yellowish-grey and reducing visibility.

Air quality worsens due to wildfire smoke:  Harmful pollutants in the smoke, like particulate matter and ozone, have made the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups or the general public in cities like New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.

Wildfire smoke affects New York City:  New York City has been significantly impacted by wildfire smoke, with its air quality index reaching a record high of 157. Flights have been delayed or canceled, & famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty & Empire State Building have been obscured by the haze.

Wildfire smoke poses serious health risks:  Wildfire smoke can cause respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy complications, & cognitive impairment. Research shows higher rates of these health issues & cellular damage from exposure to wildfire smoke.

Protect yourself from wildfire smoke:  Stay indoors, close windows, wear masks, avoid strenuous activities, and check local air quality. Seek medical help if you have underlying health conditions and experience symptoms.

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