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Coverage Options

At its core, auto insurance is designed to offer liability protection to the policyholder. This type of coverage provides financial protection in the event of an auto accident. This means that your auto policy will cover the cost of third-party injuries and damages that you might cause while behind the wheel.

In addition to liability coverages, there are other options that offer coverage for your own medical treatment and repairs. For instance, the following coverages are designed to address the needs of the policyholder:

  • Medical Payments : If you are in an auto accident, then medical payments insurance will cover the cost of the medical treatment that you and your passengers might require. This coverage is “no-fault” meaning that you can access it regardless of who caused the accident.
  • Collision : If your car sustains damages as a result of a collision event, then this type of insurance will provide coverage to address your repairs.
  • Comprehensive : TIf your car sustains damages from a non-collision event (such as an act of vandalism, fire, extreme weather event, or so on), then this type of insurance will provide coverage for your repairs.

Why You Need This Coverage

In most states, drivers are legally obligated to carry liability coverages. While other coverages may be optional, all drivers are advised to secure these types of insurance. This is because having this coverage is the best way to mitigate all the risks that you might face while behind the wheel. Having comprehensive auto insurance protections will ensure that you can receive the medical or repair assistance that you need without compromising your financial stability.

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