6 Practical Ways to Save on Car Insurance in 2021

6 Practical Ways to Save on Car Insurance in 2021

If you are a New York driver, you may have wondered how to save on car insurance. Even though insurance costs are higher in NY than in most other states, many drivers end up overpaying when they could have found better deals.

Here are important points to know about car insurance in NY:

  1. Shop Online

    The best way to save on car insurance, or practically anything else, is to search for deals online. Just be aware that anyone can have a website that appears in search engines, so make sure the insurance agency you choose is legitimate and licensed in NY. Before conducting your online search, consider your specific auto insurance needs in terms of coverage and limits. Write them down in front of you.

    High-quality insurance companies have websites that provide tools for configuring a policy and getting an estimate. Car insurance comparison tools are also helpful at narrowing down the choice of providers.

  2. Buy Car Insurance in a Bundle

    One of the easiest ways to cut car insurance is to group all your insurance under one company and ask for a discount. Major insurance agencies tend to sell broad forms of insurance and are able to bundle policies. Digital transformation has helped insurance companies broaden their range of offerings over the past decade. It’s possible to save up to 25% on insurance costs if you bundle different plans together.

  3. Balance Deductibles and Premiums

    Another way to cut your upfront monthly auto insurance costs is to raise your deductible. This means you’ll pay more out of pocket when you file an accident claim. However, if you practice defensive driving, the odds will decrease that you’ll be involved in an accident. Still, it helps to set aside money for an emergency account to be financially prepared to pay the deductible.

  4. Research Discounts

    Your insurer may be able to offer different types of discounts, such as when you have a spotless driving record. Other special discounts may be available for students and families. Talk with your insurance agent and ask about additional ways to cut insurance costs, such as installing a telematics meter in your vehicle that measures usage and driving safety. It reports this data to the insurer. Most insurance agencies have adopted this wireless tracking technology, which can lead to 15% in auto insurance savings.

  5. Choose Your Car Wisely

    Another factor that affects your car insurance rates is the actual car you drive. Is it a new, expensive sports car? Expect to pay higher rates for the additional risk of attracting thieves and vandals. Is it an old clunker that’s regularly in the shop? That could also make it difficult to reduce rates. Your choice of a car clearly matters, so make insurance part of the consideration.

  6. Take Defensive Driving Course

    Taking an online defensive driving course can expand your knowledge about driving safety. You can use the course as proof to your insurance agent that you’re taking proactive steps to be a safer driver in your community. You can lower your monthly insurance premium by a guaranteed 10% for three years if you complete a defensive driving course offered by the New York Safety Council. No exam is required.

There are multiple ways to save on car insurance if you ask the right questions. You’ll save money if you discuss your car insurance needs with an experienced insurance professional who can share with you different options. Contact the experts at 01 Insurance to learn more about getting the proper car insurance in NY.