A 5-Point Guide to Insuring Your Motorcycle Accessories

A 5-Point Guide to Insuring Your Motorcycle Accessories

Without your riding gear, baggage racks, radio, and GPS, a motorcycle ride is rarely complete. Installing these on your two-wheeler can be costly, and that’s why motorcycle accessories insurance is necessary. Here are five tips for properly insuring your motorbike accessories to avoid regrets down the road.

Motorcycle Accessories: What Are They?

Though each insurance company may define accessories differently, generally, a motorcycle accessory is an additional feature installed in the bike to enhance its safety, comfort, and performance.  Some common motorcycle accessories include:

  • Saddlebags
  • Windshields
  • Baggage stands
  • Mounted GPS
  • Mounted Radio
  • Unique Paint Jobs
  • Riding Gear and Helmet
  • Custom chrome

How to Insure Motorcycle Accessories?

Most bike insurance includes a specific amount of motorcycle accessory coverage, but depending on the cost of your accessories and how frequently you ride, you may need more coverage to keep them always covered. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate how much accessory coverage you require and choose the policy accordingly.

  1. Determine What Your Motorcycle Originally Came with
    Just because your motorcycle came with some features does not mean they are standard items. Always ensure that you read the motorcycle’s specifications from the manufacturer’s website or catalog to see if there have been any aftermarket additions made by the dealer or the prior owner.
  2. Make a List of Items You Need Insurance on
    Use the list of manufacturer’s specifications and compare it with items that are not listed. This will help you create a secondary list of items you may need to insure.  Don’t forget to include your riding boots, helmet, goggles, and leather.
  3. Assign Value to the Items
    Once the list is complete, you will have a better understanding of your motorcycle’s accessories. Now, look for purchase receipts or websites to find out the price of each accessory and if possible, note down the link of the website for future reference.
  4. Review Current Coverage
    Now that you are aware of the cost of your motorcycle’s accessories, you should review your insurance coverage. Compare that to the estimate you made for the accessories for your motorcycle. Is the coverage amount equivalent to or greater than the cost of the accessories for your bike? If not, you should increase the limit of your accessory coverage.
  5. Add up Totals and Choose the Right Coverage
    If you add all accessory values, the total might be quite high, depending on how many accessories your bike has. Ensure to speak with your insurer about an Agreed value policy if the value of the accessories exceeds 50% of the value of your bike. The Agreed value coverage will help you adequately insure your bike, as you and your insurance company will decide the coverage amount and that will be paid in the event of a total loss, excluding depreciation.

In comparison to the price of replacing those accessories without enough coverage, it will be cheaper to extend your accessory coverage.  Also, don’t forget to update your accessory coverage if you add more accessories in the future.

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