A Complete Overview of Commercial Auto Insurance

A Complete Overview of Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the competition. One way that businesses can do that is by adding new services. Many businesses are now adding remote/delivery services as a way to reach more clients. However, there are risks involved.

Here’s a look at how commercial auto insurance can prevent such potential issues.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance Explained: Commercial auto insurance covers any cars or trucks you use to conduct business. The policy is flexible enough to cover small and large fleets. Commercial auto insurance covers any physical damage to your vehicles. You are also covered if your commercial vehicles are stolen or vandalized. The policy also covers potential liability disputes while you are operating a commercial vehicle. The policy can prevent your business from losing assets in a potential legal battle.
  • Types of Vehicles Covered Through Commercial Auto Insurance: While researching commercial auto insurance in Astoria, New York, remember that the policy covers any vehicles you or your employees use for business-related purposes. Common vehicles insured under the policy include company cars, food trucks, box trucks, and work vans. Commercial auto insurance policies also cover any damage to the equipment inside the vehicles. You can also amend the policy to cover any personal vehicles you use to complete work-related endeavors.
  • Importance of a Commercial Auto Insurance Plan: Personal auto insurance policies generally prohibit commercial usage, and personal auto insurance policies are written completely differently from commercial auto insurance policies. Commercial auto insurance policies contain essential coverages that allow your business to function properly. Generally, commercial auto insurance is needed if you transport goods, use your vehicle to perform a service, or your employees operate vehicles that your corporation owns. It’s also essential if you work in a high-risk industry where you are likely to be involved in a liability dispute.
  • Who Is Covered Under a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?: You can amend your commercial auto insurance policy to cover all your employees, family members, and others who drive your vehicles for business-related endeavors. You should add anyone who has access to the vehicles on your policy, even if it’s only for emergency purposes.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Breakdown: Commercial auto insurance policies provide similar benefits to traditional auto insurance policies. The type of coverage you need may vary based on policy limits, exclusions, and eligibility. Requirements for commercial auto insurance include liability coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage protects your business if a commercial vehicle is responsible for injuring or killing someone.

Any potential legal fees and the injured party’s medical treatment are covered. If your commercial vehicle damages someone’s property, property damage liability coverage protects your business. You can also inquire about a single limit. Liability policies generally offer separate liability limits for bodily injury and property damage claims. A combined policy provides the same amount of coverage regardless of factors such as the type of claims or if there are multiple people involved.

Collision coverage takes care of any necessary repairs if your vehicle is damaged through impact with another driver or object. Comprehensive coverage takes care of any damage caused to your vehicle in unique cases. If your vehicles are vandalized, stolen, or damaged by severe weather, your business is protected. Personal injury coverage takes care of your medical treatment if you or a passenger suffers injuries in an accident. Uninsured motorist coverage is another option to consider. This type of coverage protects your business if it is impacted by damage from a driver who does not have insurance.

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