Is Temporary Auto Insurance a Realistic Option?

Is Temporary Auto Insurance a Realistic Option?

Many people are constantly looking for ways to save money on their auto insurance policies. High premiums are an obstacle when faced with financial constraints. This causes many people to look for alternatives. Once you shop for temporary car insurance, be aware that most insurers don’t offer policies for less than six months. You may find online advertisements that mention monthly or weekly policies, but those companies are not trustworthy. Talk to a licensed agent about your situation. Here’s a closer look at whether temporary car insurance in Astoria, NY, is a realistic option.

Finding Short Term Coverage

You cannot buy monthly car insurance in Astoria, NY. You can pay your monthly premiums or pay for the coverage ahead of time and request a refund. It’s best to cancel your policy before it expires. Most insurers will not charge you a cancellation fee, and you will also be reimbursed for any premiums paid in advance. Pay attention to your bank statements for any accidental transactions. When you shop for temporary car insurance, try to research multiple quotes. That way, you can ensure that you are receiving the best deal.

Recommended Situations for Purchasing Temporary Auto Insurance Coverage

  • StorageTemporary coverage is an asset if you place your vehicle in storage for an extended period. Your vehicle could still be damaged or stolen while in storage. Therefore, maintaining some coverage is recommended.
  • Adding Someone Else to Your Auto Insurance PlanIf a unique circumstance occurs where your friend needs to use your vehicle, you can add permissive user coverage to your policy. This type of coverage protects your car while someone else is driving it. However, consider adding anyone who will drive your car regularly to your insurance policy. If they will be driving your car periodically on a short-term basis, you can contact your insurer to add them. Once they are no longer using your car, you can remove them.
  • Traveling AbroadIf you are traveling abroad in your vehicle, you will likely need to add temporary international coverage while you’re on vacation. Talk to your insurer before finalizing your travel plans.
  • Rental CarsIf you rent a car for a few days, check with your insurer to see if they provide rental coverage. You also have the option to check with a credit card company, as many providers offer insurance if you use their card to rent the vehicle. If you are renting a car for a business trip, you may not be covered through your insurance policy. Your best option may be to obtain temporary coverage from the rental company.
  • Student DrivingIf you are the parent of a student driver, you may be able to find temporary coverage if they are only driving on winter break or summer vacation. If your student driver is attending school away from home, you can lower your rates by taking them off your policy during the school year. Check with your insurer to learn about potential discounts. For example, if your student driver has good grades, your auto rates may be lower. If your kids have their own cars but opt not to use them during the school year, they can lower their rates by purchasing minimum coverage.
  • Non-Owner InsuranceNonowner insurance is an option if you drive vehicles that don’t belong to you. Non-owner policies include liability coverage. You can save money because the policy follows you instead of the vehicle. If you borrow cars regularly, non-owner insurance is a good option. If you stay with someone, it’s recommended that they add you to their policy. If you are involved in an accident while driving their car, your claim may still be denied, even if you have non-owner insurance. Remember that non-owner coverage is seen as supplemental coverage. It only kicks in once the traditional coverage limits have been reached.

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Searching for temporary auto insurance can be complicated. Research different companies before making a decision.
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