Accidents & Auto Insurance: What To Do After A Crash

Accidents & Auto Insurance: What To Do After A Crash

How To Use Your Astoria, New York Auto Insurance After An Accident

After a traffic accident, you will likely feel a little off balance. Just moments ago, you were driving along the road and now you find your vehicle damaged, your heart racing, and may even discover that you have been injured. What do you do? So you can be prepared to best handle this situation, we want to offer this quick guide of what to do after an accident.

Here is a look at your Astoria, New York auto insurance, accidents, and how you should respond.

  • Move To Safety: As soon as you can safely do so, pull over to the side of the road. Do not leave the scene of the accident, but do remove yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle from the road so you will not become a hazard or block the flow of traffic.
  • Look For Injuries: Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. If you have any doubts, do not be afraid to call an ambulance. It is much better to get medical attention than to discover a serious problem has been left unattended down the road.
  • Make Some Calls: Call the police to have a police report filed. This will help you file your insurance claim. Then, call your insurance agent and follow his or her instructions. Your agent is an expert on these kinds of situations and will be able to guide you through.

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