Affordable Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Affordable Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Try out these easy and affordable ways to show your employees that you care.

While you may not be able to reward your employees with big bonuses or extensive vacation time, this doesn’t mean that your workers should go unrecognized.  Employees that feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay committed to and work hard for your company.  If you want reward your employees for all their good work, then try out these affordable ways to show your employees that you care

1) One way to recognize your employees is by establishing an “employee(s) of the month.”  Hold a monthly staff meeting during which you thank the employees who have gone above and beyond.  Additionally, consider offering movie tickets or small gift cards as tokens of your appreciation.  While this gesture may seem small, your employees will feel valued by your recognition of their hard work.

2) Don’t focus solely on quantifiable measures.  While it’s good to recognize and reward employees for things like high sales figures, numbers aren’t everything.  There are many employees whose work isn’t quantifiably measurable.  For instance, an employee might make an effort to come in early to make coffee for the whole office or a worker might have taken the time to assist another employee with a project or task.  It’s important that these efforts do not go unrecognized.  Simply saying “thank you,” will validate these employees and leave them feeling satisfied.

3) Finally, a great way to show your employees that you care is by personally writing them a thank you note.  While verbally recognizing your employees is something all employers should do, there’s something especially special about getting a handwritten note.  Take the time to write personalized thank you notes that explain how each employee is a valuable member of your team.  Not only will your employees recognize your effort, but they will also have a physical reminder of your appreciation as well.

Try out some of these affordable ways to show your employees that you care.  Remember, another way to show your appreciation is by having the right insurance coverage to keep your employees safe.  To find the right policies to fit your business’s needs, look to the professionals at 01 Insurance in New York.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.  Contact us to get started today!