Best Plants to Grow in Your Home

Best Plants to Grow in Your Home

Best indoor plants for your home.

If you want to freshen up your home, then incorporating live plants into your interior decorating scheme is a great way to add a touch of color and vibrancy.  However, if you are not a gifted gardener, then you may be looking for plants that are especially low maintenance.  Here are some of the best indoor plants for your home.

  • Boston Ferns

If you are looking for a romantic hanging plant, then consider buying a Boston Fern.  These trailing plants look great handing from pots or draped over tall bookshelves and mantles.  These fast-growing plants are non-toxic to animals and are relatively easy to care for.  Keep these plants out of the direct sunlight and mist them frequently, and you will soon have a beautiful addition to your home.

  • Palms

Palms are one of the most common indoor plants for a good reason.  Not only are there many varieties of palms to suit various decorating styles, but these types of plants are also safe for children and pets and can even filter toxins out of the air.  Parlor Palms, Areca Palms, Bamboo Palms, and Pygmy Date Palms are all great options for your home.

  • Spider Plants

Spider plants are well known for their hardiness and air filtering capabilities.  These plants can thrive in a wide range of conditions, from bright to indirect light and temperatures anywhere between 45 and 80 degrees.  Spider plants are also non-toxic and are proven to remove common airborne pollutants.  With all these benefits, spider plants are the perfect addition to most homes looking for a little greenery.

If you are looking for ease and safety, then these options are some of the best indoor plants for your home.  Speaking of your home, do you need help insuring it?  Then contact the experts at 01 Insurance in Astoria, New York.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your homeowners insurance needs today.