Protect Your Vehicle With A New Revolutionary Parking App & Car Insurance In Astoria, New York

Protect Your Vehicle With A New Revolutionary Parking App & Car Insurance In Astoria, New York

Never get a parking ticket again! Check out this meter app & be sure cover to your vehicle with car insurance in Astoria, New York.

Before your leave for the day, you allot yourself an added twenty minutes to find parking. You reach your destination and alas no parking just as you’d expected. You circle around the block a couple times and suddenly you see it, an open park space. You snag the spot just in the nick of time and pay the meter. Your parking is good for two hours. You’re going about your business when you remember you forgot it’s time to pay the meter, but it’s too late. The meter maid has already given you a ticket.

Fear meter maid no more! By the end of 2016, all 85,000 city parking spaces will be equipped with a meter paying app option. This app will allow drivers to sign up with their credit card and license plate number and pay their specific meter. Just be sure to remember the meter number. NYPD and New York parking enforcement will be given tablets that will allow them to monitor the parking meters. They’ll be able to see the listing of license plate numbers that match those of the paid meters.

Don’t worry about remembering to pay the meter through the app, as the app sets reminders for you to let you know when the time is up. Plus, because you’ll have a more accurate tracking of your comings and goings, say goodbye to overpaying the meter. The Department of Transportation Commissioner says that drivers who don’t use all their meter time may get a refund.

So far the system has been tested in the Belmont section of the Bronx, but will be implemented throughout all five boroughs. Don’t want to use the app? No worries, traditional quarters will still be accepted.

Now that you have your parking covered, make sure your vehicle is covered too! Protect your automobile with car insurance in Astoria, New York. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.