Drive for Work? Commercial Auto Insurance Gives You The Best Coverage!

Drive for Work? Commercial Auto Insurance Gives You The Best Coverage!

Get commercial auto insurance to ensure that your business is covered!

When it comes to your company, it’s important to get the coverage you need. When it comes to driving for your business, you need special coverage. Whether you drive to business meetings all over the state or drive a catering truck, be sure to protect your business with commercial auto insurance in Astoria, New York. Here’s why you need commercial coverage.

Greater Liability.

Don’t get stuck with out of pocket liability fees! When you drive for business related purposes, you’re no longer responsible for solely yourself. You’re responsible for the customers, the inventory, other employees, and the company. Along with greater responsibility comes greater liability. Because there’s more at risk when it comes to business endeavors, your personal auto insurance won’t cut it. One of the major benefits of commercial auto insurance is increased liability coverage.

It’s Required by Law.

Because driving is dangerous and accidents do happen, most state laws require all drivers to take out a car insurance policy. However, these state laws also require businesses to purchase commercial auto insurance. Just like there are minimum coverage requirements for personal policies, there are also minimum coverage requirements for commercial policies. However, be sure to weigh the costs and benefits. You might want to increase your coverage from the minimum so that you’re well protected.

It Protects You & Your Employees.

Commercial auto insurance not only gives you greater liability coverage, but it also provides coverage for any vehicles that the company owns, rents, or leases, and vehicles driven by employees whether their company or personal cars. You get a more comprehensive coverage that protects your whole business.

If you drive for business related purposes, make sure you’re covered with commercial auto insurance. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.