Filing A Claim With Your Business Insurance

Filing A Claim With Your Business Insurance

How To File A Claim With Your Astoria, New York Business Insurance

As a business owner, imagining something happening to your business might cause your heart rate to rise. The good news is that with the right insurance coverage, even a catastrophe can be quickly, effectively, and affordably handled.

Here is what you need to know about filing a claim so that your Astoria, New York business insurance can best protect you.

  • Call Your Agent: Once the situation on the ground is handled and everyone is safe, your first priority should be calling your insurance agent. He or she will be able to give you step-by-step advice for filing your claim so that your coverage most fully protects you.
  • Review Your Inventory: Take out your business inventory and go through it, noting any items that have been damaged or destroyed. Prepare your proof of value (e.g. receipts, credit card statements, appraisals) and take pictures of any items you plan to include in your claim.
  • Send Your Proof Of Loss: You need to provide your insurer with your proof of loss—both signed and sworn—within sixty days of their initial request for it. Make preparing this information a priority.
  • Work On Repairs: Do what you safely can to shore up your property and prevent further damage, including completing temporary repairs. Then, have professionals offer you bids on the necessary repairs to help keep the costs low and ensure you do not extend your policy limits.

If you have the right insurance agent on your side, you can get expert guidance each step of the way when you file your claim. If you are ready to get this kind of service, contact 01 Insurance. Serving Astoria and the surrounding area, we have decades of experience protecting New York business owners with the right business insurance policies for their unique needs. Get protected by calling us today.