Why You Need Business Insurance in Astoria to Give You More Than Just General Liability Coverage

Why You Need Business Insurance in Astoria to Give You More Than Just General Liability Coverage

Determine how your general liability business insurance in Astoria protects you.

Protecting your company with the right business insurance in Astoria is a must. You need the right coverage to protect you from serious damages, especially when it comes to company liability. Investing in general liability coverage is a smart move. However, bear in mind that there are limits to your policy. There are things that your general liability policy won’t protect. Check out what you need to know about your general liability coverage.

Errors in Products and Services.

Sometimes mistakes happen. However, an accident can put your business in serious trouble. If you make a professional mistake, you could be professionally liable and face a costly lawsuit. Your general liability coverage only protects you from limited threats. You need a professional liability insurance policy to protect you from mistakes.

Employment Lawsuits.

Disgruntled employees may take legal action against your company. While your general liability coverage gives you coverage to protect against lawsuits, it’s limited to general cases. In the case of an employment suit due to a claim of wrongful termination or sexual harassment, you need employment practices liability insurance so that you have enough coverage to protect yourself.

Workplace Injuries.

Despite all the precautions, sometimes employees get hurt on the job. It’s important to take good care of your employees after an injury to ensure their well-being. However, taking care of your employees after an injury is costly, and you’re at risk for a liability suit. Your general liability coverage won’t give you the necessary coverage. Take preventative measures and invest in a workers’ compensation policy.

When it comes to your business insurance in Astoria, ensure that you have the right policies for your needs. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.