Good Driver Discount: How to Qualify for It

Good Driver Discount: How to Qualify for It

The good driver discount is a discount given to safe and low-risk drivers by various car insurance companies. Some car insurance companies demand a clean driving record for five years with no accidents or traffic violations, while some require a clean record for just one, two, or three years.

How to Obtain a Good Driver Discount

To get a good driver discount, you need to shop around for car insurance companies. You may not be eligible for a good driver discount at one insurance company but may qualify at another because the rules across agencies vary.

Tips to Help You Qualify for Good Driver Discounts

Here are some tips that make it easier for you to qualify:

Get Enrolled in Defensive Driving Course 

You’ll learn the art of driving safely through this course and may even get a car insurance discount for signing up for the course.

Purchase Forgiveness Coverage

Some insurance companies allow you to include accident forgiveness to your plan. It can help ‘forgive’ one at-fault accident from your record and clear any charges caused by traffic violations, including speeding tickets.

Explore Insurance Companies

Some companies may give you a discount for having a clear record while some may reject you for a small reason.

Waiting Time Required to Qualify for a Good Driver Discount

Most states only permit insurance companies to consider incidents dating back three to five years. Many states have exceptions for offenses related to driving under the influence.

Insurance companies cannot offer you a good driver discount in case you have been convicted of a DUI or similar felony within the preceding ten years.

If you are indeed a safe driver and have not filed for a claim in the last three to five years, you may qualify for a good driving discount.  In case you didn’t qualify for a safe driving discount with your current insurance company, then it’s advisable to compare quotes from other providers. If you are looking for guidance on auto insurance, contact the experts at 01 Insurance. We offer reliable insurance policies with flexible terms and customer-friendly conditions.