Guide to De-Icing Your Windshield

Guide to De-Icing Your Windshield

Learn how you can quickly and safely de-ice your windshield.

While having to de-ice your windshield is no one’s idea of a fun early morning activity, completing this chore is an important part of driving safely in the winter.  Though it’s tempting to rush through the de-icing process, it’s important to finish this task thoroughly.  Here are some suggestions to help you safely de-ice your windshield.


Taking preventative measures can reduce the amount of effort it takes to de-ice your windshield.  For instance, if the forecast calls for precipitation, then try covering your windshield with a tarp or pre-treating it with an ice-deterring solution.  You can make your own spray by combining 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water.  However, you should use this mixture sparingly as prolonged exposure to vinegar can cause corrosion.


When you have to remove ice, you should never pound your windshield to loosen ice.  Additionally, you should never melt ice by pouring hot water onto your windshield as the abrupt change in temperature can cause the glass to shatter.  The safest way to de-ice your windshield is by run your car’s defroster to warm the glass and use an ice scraper to clear away the ice as it begins to melt.

You can also speed up the process by using a de-icing solution.  To make your own solution, combine 2 parts 70% isopropyl alcohol, 1 part water, and a few drops of dish soap.  Using this spray will quickly loosen the ice and make it easy to remove with the help if an ice scraper.

Try out these tips to help you safely de-ice your windshield.  Want another way to help you drive safely this winter?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance in Astoria, New York.  To get the coverage you need, contact the experts at 01 Insurance.  Our knowledgeable team is ready to get you the coverage you need today.