Does Your Policy Value Your Valuables?

Does Your Policy Value Your Valuables?

Protecting Your Priceless Possessions

Your homeowner’s insurance policy contains coverage for your personal property. That means that if a fire sweeps through your home, your policy will enable to replace or repair your belongings, helping you maintain your quality of life. There is, though, an exception to this rule.

In order to keep your homeowner’s insurance policy affordable, your insurer has created policy limits. That means that your coverage for valuable items like art, jewelry, and collectibles has a cap on it, generally around $1,500.

That may be shocking to you, as you know your heirloom jewelry alone exceeds that limit. How, then, do you go about insuring valuables? Fortunately, you have options. The first is to simply increase your policy limits, but there will likely still be a cap on how much you can increase your limits.

If your policy limits still do not offer enough protection, you can schedule valuable items. Scheduled items will be specifically covered in your policy, and will likely be protected against more, such as accidental loss. In order to schedule your items, you will need to have them professionally appraised so that your insurer can best cover them. Scheduling items into your policy offers you fuller protection against more causes for your most prized possessions without the hassle of having to take out a whole separate policy for them. With this coverage option, you get more protection with less work.

Is your insurance agent helping you get the coverage you need for your most prized possessions? To learn how to protect your valuables even while keeping your coverage affordable, contact 01 Insurance. Our Astoria team is here to help you get the homeowners insurance, complete with scheduled items, you need to protect all of your most valuable belongings in your New York Home.