Moving? Take Home Insurance With You

Moving? Take Home Insurance With You

What you need to know about your Astoria, New York home insurance when moving. 

In the weeks leading up to moving day, you’ve got a lot to think about. Will you have enough boxes? Will your movers be responsible with your stuff? Can you trust the people you’re asking to help not to break anything? How are you going to get that massive piece of furniture out your front door?

In the midst of such a lengthy checklist, it can be easy to forget to think about your insurance, particularly how it protects your stuff while it’s going from your old place to your new one. Don’t worry! We’ve thought about it for you. Here’s what you need to know about moving your belongings and your Astoria, New York home insurance.

Whether or not your policy will protect your stuff while its in transit depends on your specific coverage, so get on the phone with your insurer to find out. If you do discover you need additional coverage for your move, your movers are a great place to start. Legally, they’re required to have liability coverage, meaning their policy can step in to protect your stuff should they damage it. Bear in mind, though, that their policy likely has limits of which you should be aware.

While you’re talking with your insurer about moving your belongings, have a quick conversation about getting insurance set up at your new home. While you won’t be able to move your existing policy directly over (your new house has new value and new risks, after all), your agent can help you get set up with the policy your new place needs.

You have enough on your mind preparing for your move; let the insurance experts at 01 Insurance make sure you’re covered! For all of your Astoria, New York home insurance needs, contact us today.