Get to Know Motorcyclists to Be Safe on the Road

Get to Know Motorcyclists to Be Safe on the Road

Car drivers usually may fail to notice the motorcyclists around them because they may be hard to spot, and they are very few in numbers. Unlike car drivers and passengers, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injuries resulting from accidents, and even a low-speed collision can cause unimaginable damage to them.

Here are some crucial facts about motorcycles that car drivers must know to be extra vigilant on the roads.

Motorcyclists React Quickly

Motorcyclists are known to react quickly to changing road and traffic conditions such as gravel, slippery surfaces, and railroad crossings. They react quickly to avoid accidents, but car drivers must know how to predict such instances and maintain distance to lower the risk of collisions.

Motorcycles Can Stop Faster

Especially in dry conditions, motorcycles can stop faster than cars. If you’re behind the motorcycle, you must maintain longer following distance so that you have enough time to react if a bike makes a sudden stop.

Most Motorcycles Don’t Have Self-Canceling Signals

Although self-canceling turn signals are standard on motorcycles since the ’70s, most vehicles still don’t have that feature. So car drivers must be extra careful while responding to turn signals. Even if you notice that a motorcyclist has been driving with the blinker “on” for a while, make sure you maintain enough side distance before overtaking them.

Motorcycles Are Often Hidden in the Blind Spots

You need to be aware of the blind spots, especially before changing lanes. Always double-check for motorcyclists when changing lanes because a bike can easily blend in with cars in other lanes. Use your rear-view and side-view mirrors, and don’t forget to switch your turn signal.

These tips can help improve motorcycle awareness among car drivers. One of the best ways to protect yourself on the road is by having the right auto insurance. For additional information about your car insurance coverage, contact the experts at 01 Insurance today. We are happy to assist you amid the pandemic!