What You Didn’t Know about Motorcycle Insurance

What You Didn’t Know about Motorcycle Insurance

Did you know motorcycle insurance covered that?  Learn about these surprising motorcycle insurance coverage facts.

If you own a motorcycle, then you likely have motorcycle insurance.  However, even motorcycle owners are unaware of just how versatile their motorcycle insurance can be.  Curious to learn more?  Here are some of the most surprising motorcycle insurance coverage facts.

1) You can get coverage for pretty much any type of motorcycle.  Even if you own a customized Harley or a classic Ducati, you can almost always find a coverage option for our bike.

2) A motorcycle insurance policy can also cover other vehicles such as scooters, snow mobiles, ATVs, segways, or even golf carts.  Many insurers provide coverage for leisure vehicles with a motorcycle policy.  This is good news because most car insurance and home insurance policies won’t extend coverage to these vehicles.

3) Motorcycle insurance can protect your road trip.  Motorcycle insurance protects your bike like auto insurance covers your car.  This means your standard motorcycle policy will cover things like bodily injury liability, property damage, collision coverage, etc.  However, some motorcycle insurance plans also provide coverage that could be useful on your next cross-country road trip.  For instance, your insurance might protect you if your bike breaks down and needs to be towed.  Some policies even offer trip interruption coverage which will help you pay for food, lodging, and transportation if you get stranded.

4) Finally, motorcycle insurance can extend coverage to safety equipment.  Things like helmets, riding leathers, and gloves might be covered in your policy.  Bike owners know that this equipment isn’t cheap, but rest assured, motorcycle insurance could help you replace it if necessary.

Impressed by these surprising motorcycle insurance coverage facts?  We thought you might be.  To learn how you can get the motorcycle insurance you need, contact 01 Insurance today.  Located in Astoria, New York, our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your insurance needs.