Important Tips To Consider Before Your Next Group Motorcycle Ride

Important Tips To Consider Before Your Next Group Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle riding is a popular hobby. Thousands of people across the country experience new adventures through their motorcycles every year. However, operating a motorcycle exposes you to similar risks compared to if you were operating an automobile. Unique road conditions could impair your ability to handle your motorcycle. Riding over one small pothole or bump could lead to a serious collision.

It’s important to be alert on the road at all times.

As a common safety strategy, many people opt for group riding. Not only is group riding an easy way to stay safe on the road, but it also allows you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Group riding is commonly used at clubs and charitable riding events. Before you plan a group motorcycle ride, be aware that this activity also exposes you to some unique risks. It’s unlikely that everyone in the group has the same level of experience. The unfamiliarity could create a harmful situation while you’re out on the road. Here’s a look at some key group motorcycle ride safety tips.

Proper Communication

It’s recommended that everyone in the group is on the same page before riding together. Consider setting up an itinerary that outlines the total mileage from the start of the trip to the intended destination. It’s recommended that you include potential rest stops and designate group roles. It’s important that everyone is riding on a full tank of gas and that everyone’s equipment is nearby if something goes wrong. Having your motorcycle undergo a thorough check-up is also recommended. The most experienced rider should lead the group. The lead rider should notify the group if there are any issues concerning traffic, excess road debris, and potential detours while riding.

Use Signals in High Traffic Areas

If you’re riding in an area where there is a lot of road traffic, it’s recommended that you and the rest of the group develop signals to help communicate. Developing non-verbal ways of communication can help you stay safe at all times and ensure that everyone stays on the same page.

Stay Relax at All Times

If you’re going on a lengthy road trip, it’s important to relax and take breaks at different intervals. Taking a break allows you to relax and potentially enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. Taking periodic breaks also helps you stay alert and prevents fatigue. Riding a motorcycle while fatigued could have deadly consequences.

Adhering to a Formation

One of the most important groups motorcycle ride safety tips is to always stay in formation. It’s recommended that you stay close together without tailgating. You should also leave enough side space so you’ll be able to swerve if another rider or debris is approaching. Analysts recommended staggering your bikes if you’re able to do so. A linear formation may be necessary in some situations.

Why Motorcycle Insurance Is Important

It’s recommended that everyone in the group have some form of motorcycle ride insurance before starting their journey. Motorcycle insurance covers you if you accidentally injure someone while you’re out on the road. Adding extra coverage will cover you if your motorcycle suffers damages or if you need emergency service due to a mechanical issue.


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