Tips For Safely Traveling With Pets

Tips For Safely Traveling With Pets

Protect your pets with these tips for traveling safely.


Over the summer, you probably have plans to gather up your family and head out on a little trip. You do not want to leave a single family member behind, and that is why you have plans to bring your furry family member along. You may be worried about how your pet will fare during your travels, so we want to help set you up for success.

As you get ready to hit the road with your cat or dog, use these tips for safely traveling with pets.

  • Be Prepared: Animal owners are generally good about keeping their pets’ paperwork in order, and that will serve you well now. Gather up a health certificate from your vet, your microchip registration paperwork, and an up-to-date ID tag for your pet before you leave.
  • Set Up A Spot: Traveling with pets is a lot easier if your pet has a place to comfortably lay, stand, and move around a little. If you will be putting your pet in a carrier, take a couple of short trips before you leave to get him or her acquainted with the setting.
  • Stay Together: It might be tempting to leave your pet alone in the car while you grab a quick bite to eat, but it only takes a few minutes for your vehicle to heat up. Always keep someone in the vehicle with your pet to monitor temperature and keep him or her company. Never risk it, even for a few minutes.

We hope these safety tips for traveling help give you peace of mind during your summer travels! So you can rest easy knowing your home and business are protected while you are gone, 01 Insurance. Serving New York, we are here to meet all of your insurance coverage needs.