Tips to Help You Repel Bugs

Tips to Help You Repel Bugs

Learn how you can keep pesky bugs at bay.

If you are going camping or having a picnic, then don’t let annoying bug crash your party.  Curious to learn how you can keep pesky bugs at bay?  Then try out these steps to help you repel bugs.

  • Choose Your Location Carefully

Whether you are looking for a place to set up camp or just a picnic spot, make sure you choose locations that are far away from puddles or other bodies of standing water.  This is because mosquitos lay their eggs in these tepid pools of water.

  • Wear Clothing with Lots of Coverage

The more skin you cover, the less chance that a bug has to deliver a nasty bite.  While covering up seems like a pain, especially when temperatures a high, dressing in light layers can help you keep bugs off without leaving you sweltering in the heat.

  • Choose Smart Foods

Did you know that sweet foods and meat attract bugs, particularly yellow jackets, more than other foods?  With this fact in mind, try to go easy on these types of food when packing for your camping trip or picnic.  Additionally, consider packing a couple of lemons to place around your space.  Some swear that the scent of lemon keeps bugs away.

  • Use Bug Repellents

Finally, you should stock up on the bug spray.  While many people are concerned about the chemicals found in these deterrents, the diseases that bugs can carry are far more worrying.  You can cut down on your exposure to these chemicals by applying the bug spray to your clothing rather than your skin.

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