Learn All About Usage-Based Auto Insurance in Astoria, New York

Learn All About Usage-Based Auto Insurance in Astoria, New York

Usage-based auto insurance in Astoria is on the rise!

The world of auto insurance is changing! As technology improves, so does the ability to more accurately assess your driving risk. Rather than purchasing a one-size fits all policy, drivers are turning to usage-based auto insurance policies. These types of policies use telematics systems to monitor your driving behavior to calculate a more accurate policy. Check out the future of auto insurance in Astoria, and learn all about usage-based auto insurance trends.

Greater Control Over Your Premium.   

As our world becomes more influenced by advancements in technology, a telematics system can more accurately assess driving behaviors. This type of assessment means that the less you drive and the more safely you drive, the lower your risk of getting into an accident, which then translate into lower insurance premiums.

Popular Among Millennials.

In recent years, usage-based policies have gained popularity. There are now millions of policies in effect around the United States. However, growth is expected to continue to rise over the next decade. While the telematics devices are popular with people of all ages, the technology appeals most to Millennials. A survey conducted by Towers Watson found that 88 percent of Millenials would use the usage-based technology.

Changes Driving Behavior.

The usage-based policy has an impact on driving behavior. According to the Insurance Research Council, a survey indicated that use of the telematics system led to changes in driving behaviors. The system keeps track of how you drive, which gives you better insight to your habits. If you have bad habits, you can then find ways to change them using the telematics system for guidance.

Take control of your auto insurance in Astoria and invest in a usage-based policy. It’s an excellent tool to help you save money on your insurance. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.