What are Insurance Points and How do They Affect Your Car Coverage?

What are Insurance Points and How do They Affect Your Car Coverage?

How insurance points affect your auto insurance rates.

As you look for the right auto insurance in Jackson Heights, New York, you will likely secure quotes from various insurance providers.  While you might be quoted for a low rate, your actual premiums can end up being higher than you anticipated.  But what’s the reason for this increase?  Your higher premiums could be a result of insurance points.  Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance points.

  • What are insurance points?

When you have traffic violations and at-fault accidents on your driving record, then these issues become insurance points.  The number of points added to your drivers license depends on how your state rates various offenses.  Because insurers do not see your driving record before issuing your quote, they rely on the information you provide when calculating your estimated coverage costs.  Insurance providers usually only access your driving record once you agree to purchase a policy from them.  If your record reveals accidents and violations that you did not originally report, then your actual insurance premiums will be higher than your quote indicated.

  • Does every ticket and accident turn into insurance points?

No; driving offenses are divided into moving and non-moving violations.  Moving violations encompass things like speeding, DUI, and reckless driving.  Non-moving violations encompass things like parking tickets, getting caught driving without a seatbelt, and failing to provide proof of insurance.  Generally, first-offense, non-moving violations will not end up on your driving record.

  • Can you remove insurance points from your driving record?

Attending an approved driving course can help you eliminate insurance points that increase your car coverage rates.  These courses teach good traffic safety practices and driving responsibility.  In some cases, taking a course can prevent a traffic offense from being added to your driving record altogether.  This option is offered in traffic court and is a great way to keep your auto insurance rates down.

These are some of the important things to know about insurance points and how they affect your car insurance rates.  Do you have further questions about your auto insurance in Jackson Heights, New York?  If so, then contact the experts at 01 Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with all your car coverage needs today.