What Are the Weird Things Home Insurance Covers?

What Are the Weird Things Home Insurance Covers?

We all know that a home insurance policy covers your home structure and personal properties if they are damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters and pays for additional living expenses if your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable after a covered loss. However, besides these, there are some weird things home insurance covers. Do you know what they are? Continue reading to find out.

Space Debris and Meteors

Your home insurance policy covers damage to your home and car caused by a meteor or debris falling from the sky.

Theft in Your Child’s Dorm Room

Your child’s belongings kept in their dorm room are covered in the event of theft or burglary. However, to be eligible for the coverage, your child must be:

  • A full-time student
  • Below 26 years
  • Living on campus

Dog Bites

The Insurance Information Institute reveals that a home insurance policy usually covers dog bite liabilities up to $300,000. Therefore, your policy will cover third-party claims and lawsuits resulting from injuries caused by your dog.

However, some carriers won’t offer coverage for certain dog breeds, so review your policy to determine whether you are covered for dog bites.

Home Improvements Due to New Regulations

Local government usually passes city ordinances in terms of building codes, so you have to make customizations in your home structure to stay up to code. Your home insurance will cover these upgrades but at an extra cost.

Identity Theft

Some home insurance policies reimburse expenses incurred due to identity theft, including lost wages, attorney fees, and costs associated with loan reapplication if you were denied based on your credit score.

Incidents Occurring While You Are Away from Home

If someone breaks into your car and steals your belongings, your home insurance policy will pay for the damaged or stolen items. You will also be covered if you accidentally injure someone when you are not at home.

Damage Caused by Explosions, Riots, and Bombs

A leaky gas pipe could lead to explosions or riots can lead to property damage, broken windows, and fire in your home. Your home insurance policy will cover damages and losses arising from such incidents.

Plane and Car Crashes

Your house being hit by an airplane or car due to reckless driving or bad weather can cause property damages and physical injuries. However, a home insurance policy will pay for these damages, saving you from financial hardships.

Libel and Defamation

Most home insurance policies cover lawsuits (and related expenses) resulting from libel, slander, and defamation.

Damage from Blue Ice

Damage or loss to your home caused by blue ice is typically covered if you have a comprehensive home insurance policy (that covers damages caused by any perils).

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A home insurance policy covers many scenarios you may not know, so review your policy to understand what is covered and when. If you are looking to buy a customized home insurance policy or have any questions concerning it, contact our experts today at 01 Insurance. We are ready to assist you in finding the best coverage for your unique needs.

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