Find Out Why Home Health Workers Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Astoria, New York

Find Out Why Home Health Workers Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Astoria, New York

If you’re a home health worker, check out how commercial auto insurance in Astoria can help you.

As a home health worker, you’re constantly on the move. You visit one patient after another, and you’re heavily reliant on transportation. However, while you work to help keep people safe and healthy, transportation poses a risk to your own safety. In fact, a couple million people wind up in the hospital after a car crash each year. As you travel from one patient to another, ensure that your business is protected with commercial auto insurance in Astoria. Check out the difference between commercial auto insurance and hired & non-owned auto insurance, and how they can help protect your small business.

Commercial vs. Hired & Non-Owned Insurance.

Commercial auto insurance is a policy that helps to cover you if you drive a company vehicle, your personal vehicle for work, or you lend a vehicle to others to use for work. This policy provides coverage for vehicles that the business or its employees own. Hired & non-owned auto insurance gives coverage for vehicles used for business purposed, but the company or its employees do not own. It covers rented vehicles, borrowed vehicles, and car sharing service vehicles.


Accidents are expensive. If you run a small business, a liability suit could threaten the survival of your business. Fortunately, commercial auto insurance policies help to offset the costs. Both of the above policies help to give you coverage in the event of a car accident. Keep in mind, personal policies won’t cover you in an accident! Commercial and hired & non-owned policies give you coverage for damages, liability costs such as medical bills and legal expenses, and coverage for theft and vandalism.

Protect your home health business with the right commercial auto insurance in Astoria. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.