Protect Your Employees from Workplace Hazards with Building Insurance in Astoria, NY

Protect Your Employees from Workplace Hazards with Building Insurance in Astoria, NY

Keep your employees safe from workplace hazards and invest in building insurance in Astoria.

Your workplace should be a safe place. From clearly labeled emergency exits to covered wires in walkways to prevent you from tripping, there are an array of safety practices implemented in an office building to help keep workers and visitors protected. However, sometimes there are health concerns that lurk about your building. Allergens can be harmful to your health in your workplace. Keep your commercial property safe with building insurance in Astoria and your employees safe from common workplace allergies.

Cleaning Supplies.

Despite the fact that cleaning supplies help to keep your office spic and span, the harsh chemicals can often trigger your allergy symptoms. From headaches to irritated eyes, cleaning supplies can cause severe health effects. Try swapping out harsher cleaning products for gentler products.


It’s not uncommon for your office to have a bit of mold. Whether it’s due to the humid weather or a plumbing leak, mold growth in your office can trigger your allergies. However, office mold generally isn’t out in the open for you to see. Rather it’s usually near water pipes, in the walls, or in the ventilation system. Have your office routinely inspected for mold so that you can keep your employees healthy.

Office Pests.

From cockroaches to rats, there are lots of urban pests that can infest your workplace. Not only are they unpleasant to think about, but office pests can also be a health hazard. They can carry diseases, and they can trigger quite a few allergy symptoms. Take measures to keep your office vermin-free and improve your ventilation systems so that they’re better able to reduce your employees’ allergy symptoms.

Protect your office from allergens and other safety concerns with the right building insurance in Astoria. Contact the professionals at 01 Insurance to find the best personal and commercial insurance in New York.