6 Biggest Business Insurance Risks (and How to Mitigate Them)

6 Biggest Business Insurance Risks (and How to Mitigate Them)

Venturing into a business as an entrepreneur requires paying close attention to business insurance risks. Different industries face different risks, so you need to assess your field’s risks before launching a startup. Here are essential points to know about risks for your business and your insurer.

What Is Insurance Risk?

Business risk refers to any type of event that can negatively impact your operation. The four main business insurance risks involve your company’s operations, strategy, compliance, and reputation.

What Are the Biggest Types of Insurance Risk?

  • Data breaches: Cybercrimes have increased in recent years, putting every company at risk for a cybersecurity breach. It’s imperative to carry cyber liability insurance to cover losses from damaged computers or leaked data.
  • Property damage: If you own commercial property for your business, you should carry commercial property insurance. It pays for damages caused by various perils, such as natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.
  • Employee injuries: You’ll need to carry Workers’ Compensation if you hire a certain number of employees, based on your state’s requirements.
  • Professional service errors: Professional liability coverage pays for scenarios when employees cause losses to your operation.
  • Construction coverage: When you hire a contractor, it’s important to carry coverage that pays for damage to building materials, especially if they’ve been exposed to bad weather.

How to Determine Your Company’s Biggest Insurance Risks?

You cannot afford to ignore business risks, especially those that involve common injuries or accidents in your industry. Cutting corners on insurance coverage can lead to financial disaster. It’s best to assess your company’s specific risks, then discuss them with an experienced insurance professional in your field.

The best way to assess your business risks is to work with experts in the areas of business law, accounting, and insurance. This advisory team can help you map out solid plans for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Insurance for Your Business?

There are dozens of insurance plans that might work for any given company, but you still need the choose the ones that work best for your operation. To make this decision easier, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your exposure to risks: Part of your risks may be affected by supply chain partners and their ability to provide products and supplies.
  2. Review your legal liabilities: Know what type of lawsuits your business may face.
  3. Consider the amount of coverage you need: The more risks your business faces, the more coverage it will need.
  4. Select an insurer experienced in your industry: Base your decision on who can provide the most coverage at the best rate for your needs.

Why Is Insurance Risk Mitigation Important?

It’s crucial for every business to mitigate risks as much as possible to limit the number of claims it files. The more claims you file, the more likely you’ll be paying higher insurance rates. That’s why it’s best to design a risk management plan that prevents claims in the first place.

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