9 Important Things to Do and Know When Pulled Over

9 Important Things to Do and Know When Pulled Over

While driving down the road, you may be pulled over by cops for a variety of reasons, including a minor traffic violation. Being pulled over can be a stressful experience, but if you handle the situation with restrained caution, there is no reason why it cannot pass off as any other normal situation and not escalate into something more serious.

In this blog, we will discuss the things you must do to ensure that the incident passes off without any complications, and also, you will know what your rights are when dealing with this specific situation so that you are better prepared the next time.

9 Helpful Tips If Pulled Over by Cops

Here are the nine tips that you must follow when you see the red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror, a giveaway sign that you are about to be pulled over, that can help tide you over the situation with more ease and confidence.

  1. Switch on your blinkers
    This tells the cops that you are looking for the right spot to stop the car.
  2. Pull over at the first safe spot
  3. Your current location on the road may not have a safe space for you to pull over. You can move ahead with the blinkers on and pull over onto the first safe spot that you come across.
  4. Turn off your car and wait
    Switch off the car and wait for the cop to approach you. While you do so, roll down your window, switch on the internal light, if needed, and keep your hands on the steering wheel.
  5. Take a deep breath
    You may be stressed but try to remain calm and relaxed. This will help to deal with whatever is to come.
  6. Be polite
    Whatever the reason for your being pulled over is, behave civilly with the officer. Answer their questions briefly and behave politely throughout the encounter.
  7. Reach out for documents after asking
    When asked for a document, your license, registration, or insurance, avoid making sudden abrupt movements. Instead, inform them where they are kept and then reach out for the papers.
  8. Understand the reason for being stopped
    When the officer tells you your fault, listen carefully and respond accordingly.
  9. Sign your ticket without argument
    A ticket simply acknowledges that you were pulled over and not that you agree to the decision.
  10. Be extremely cautious when going back on the road
    Take a moment to collect yourself and then carefully join the traffic.

Know Your Rights When Pulled Over by Cops

While you must do as told by the officers, you must know your rights to safeguard your interests.

  • You can continue driving within the speed limit and pull over at a secure and well-lit area where you feel safe
  • You can ask them the reason for their action
  • You may remain silent to avoid accidentally incriminating yourself
  • You can refuse a search according to the Fourth Amendment

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