Safeguarding Your Small Business

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Are You Protected For Growth?

As a business owner, you have a lot of plates to keep spinning. Not only do business owners have to worry about their core business—getting the right, properly trained staff, building demand and keeping up with it, customer satisfaction—they also have to put some of their energy towards more peripheral items like taxes, permits, and insurance.

So you can have clarity in at least one of those areas, here are a few business insurance options you should seriously consider carrying.

  • Property: Whether you rent or own your place of business, protecting it is crucial. So a natural disaster, fire, or other covered cause does not leave you without a place to work and with a major expense, carry commercial property insurance. This coverage can also protect your equipment.
  • Workers’ Compensation: In order to protect your employees and your business, you need workers’ comp. This insurance product will cover medical expenses and lost wages if one of your staff is injured on the job, helping them maintain their quality of life and protecting you from getting sued.
  • Liability: There are a lot of reasons for which your business can be sued. Protect yourself with liability insurance, which will safeguard you in the face of negligence, slander or libel charges, injuries, accidents, and more.
  • Umbrella: You cannot foresee the future, nor should you have to. Carrying umbrella insurance extends the liability limits in each of your commercial policies, ensuring that no matter what comes your business’s way, you will be prepared.

Whether you are just getting your new business off the ground or have been thriving for decades, our team of dedicated insurance experts are here to come alongside you to help you get the protection you need. For all of your New York business insurance needs, contact 01 Insurance in Astoria.