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Does a Business Owner’s Policy Cover General Liability?

Getting a business owner’s policy in Astoria, NY, is the right solution for a wide range of small-to-medium organizations. Commonly referred to as BOP, a business owner’s policy covers a mix of risks, including liabilities such as bodily injury and property damage to others. Here’s a look at how BOP can protect your business assets. Read More

Your Guide to Filing a Claim with Your Business Insurance in Astoria, New York

If you need to use your business insurance in Astoria, New York, you can use this guide when filing a claim. Your business insurance gives you peace of mind. As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about. Defending your business against unexpected expenses shouldn’t have to be on your plate. Fortunately, that’s Read More

Top Tips to Lead and Empower Employees

Employees are an essential part of your business and brand in Astoria, New York. Your business’ employees are an essential part of your brand and business. If your employees are coming across as unwelcoming and uninterested, you run the risk of upsetting your clients and customers. The best way to ensure that your employees are Read More

Want Success? Use These Tips & Business Insurance!

If your small business is hunting success, equip it with these tips and Astoria, New York business insurance. As a small business owner, you want a lot of things. You want your business to make a positive impact in the world. You want to build a team of people who are passionate about their work. Read More

Theft Prevention Tips For Businesses

Ensuring Your Biggest Investment’s Security Unfortunately, no matter how much we would like to see the good in people, theft occurs each and every day. Business owners looking to protect their biggest investment to the fullest must take action to prevent these overwhelmingly common incidents. Keep these tips for theft prevention for businesses in mind Read More

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Are You Protected For Growth? As a business owner, you have a lot of plates to keep spinning. Not only do business owners have to worry about their core business—getting the right, properly trained staff, building demand and keeping up with it, customer satisfaction—they also have to put some of their energy towards more peripheral Read More