Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Fence?

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Fence?

Here is a look at your homeowners insurance coverage for fence damage.

In the same way you depend on the walls and roof of your home to protect your family against the dangers of the world outside, you rely on your fence to keep unwanted things—whether those are animals, strangers, or just prying eyes—off your property. It is a problem not just for your home’s aesthetic but also for its security, then, when your fence gets damaged.

If an accident befalls your fence and it requires repairs, would your Astoria, New York homeowners insurance cover it? Here is a look at the different scenarios.

  • Your Own Tree Falls: If a tree that is on your property suddenly falls on your fence, your homeowners insurance will step in to not just repair your damaged fence, but also cover the cost of removing debris from your property. Bear in mind, though, that if the tree falls because you had neglected to care for it, your negligence will result in your claim being denied.
  • Your Neighbor’s Tree Falls: Even if the tree was on your neighbor’s property, your coverage will still be the one to repair your fence. Again, though, neglected maintenance could come into play. If your neighbor had failed to care for his or her tree, your insurance company may work to recover repair costs from your neighbor’s insurer.
  • A Storm Comes: If a storm is to blame for damaged fences, your coverage will depend on your policy. Generally, wind-related damage is covered and you should be able to get your repairs and debris removal paid for by your policy.

For further questions about your damaged fence and other insurance queries, please do not hesitate to contact 01 Insurance. We have 35 years of experience serving families with the right Astoria, New York homeowners insurance to not just protect their homes, but their entire properties. So you can rest easy knowing your coverage extends to the boundaries of your property, call us today!