Getting Back Into Your Back To School Routine

Getting Back Into Your Back To School Routine

Get ready for your back to school routine with this guide. 

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? We blinked, and the summer is already at an end!

While your kids may not be particularly thrilled about heading back to school, you can take some steps to help them prepare for the year ahead and the transition back into the school routine. Here are a handful of tips for preparing to go back to school.

  • Start Small: To avoid a painful first morning of the school year, start easing into a back to school routine a couple of weeks before school starts. Gradually set everyone’s alarm a little earlier and start talking to your kids about all of the things they are excited about in the upcoming school year.
  • Set Up: Help your kids get back in the school mindset by setting up a homework station together. Pick up a few things for the station when you get their school supplies and create an area your kids love. Being excited about their homework station may not make them excited about homework, but it will at least alleviate some of their dread.
  • Switch It Out: While summer clothes were probably loose and casual and summer meals were probably less structured, you likely clean up your kids and tighten up their eating schedule during the school year. Start working in that direction now; get your kids in the habit of laying out clothes for the next day the night before and start eating in line with the school’s meal schedule.

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